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    September 2023 – full of hidden magic

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    I’ve been busy enough to keep me from updating here until now, which is great for me but leaves you a bit in the dark, doesn’t it?

    What’s been happening?

    A quick recap from August:

    • I finished the first draft of ATKOM and then did several rounds of revisions. It’s off with the editor right now, then I’ll get it back and revise some more.
    • In Sleep You Know was cut from SPFBO. I’m extremely glad to have had the experience and to have met so many excellent indie authors and book reviewers through the process. As a reader, I can say with all confidence that there’s no better place to look for your next reads than from the 300 contestants. I’ve filled up my own library with titles from SPFBO and I can’t wait to see who is chosen as the ultimate winner!
    • I applied for a couple of opportunities but I can’t say more until I know more. Oooh, secrets.
    • I added new merch to the Ko-Fi in the form of Fae Baubles – hand made jewelry from me!
    • In the interim while I wait on edits/revisions, I came up with another idea that I can’t wait to share with you…

    Introducing the Magic All Around podcast/vlog!

    I played around a little bit with this idea when I first published In Sleep You Know, looking for various ways to converse about writing, books, and other related topics. You might have seen those couple of videos on my YouTube channel! Because of life considerations getting in the way, I didn’t get very far with the experiment that time, but as I’m in the editing/revising phase of book #3 and I have more time and energy to spare, I devised this plan to bring together a handful of things that I love and that I think are relevant to my creative world… plus…

    I’m going to be doing chapter reads from In Sleep You Know!

    So many people have asked for this, how could I say no? I enjoy reading aloud anyway, so this will be a treat for me to do, and I’m hoping that it’s entertaining for YOU!

    I haven’t set a schedule yet, but I’ll have readings as both a video and audio option. If you’re a Ko-fi supporter, I’ll make the chapters downloadable for you as a supporter perk! If this project goes well, I’ll be able to create an audiobook type of experience, which is one of my dreams for my series. And if it doesn’t… well, I’ll have a good time!

    Here’s some of the other things that Magic All Around will cover:

    In the Music @ The Maithe segment I’ll talk about tracks/bands that’ve recently caught my interest, and I might go on a bit about how they fit into my overall literary world, too. Art & Mystique will be about the inspiration and influence I find in the arts, expressed in a variety of ways. I’m pretty excited about these two because they’re the backbone of my inspirations.

    Crafty Charms will encompass all the different things I’m working on and how they tie into my literary world, too. Expect everything from Fae-inspired fiber arts to the character dolls and miniature world of the Eleriannan I’m slowly working on creating!

    Magic Seeking is a peek into the philosophy of my life: finding magic in unexpected places, often ones you pass by every day. That’s both in a physical and metaphorical sense! And of course, Words & Writing is when I talk about what stories I’m working on, and other writerly updates.

    I’m hoping to start recording these very soon, along with bringing back radio shows over at Radio Xiane and some other creative offerings, so keep tuned. I’ll announce here, on Ko-fi, and via my newsletter. Expect episodes to be full of me being my ridiculous self, which is either an issue or a selling point, depending on who you are! 😉

    That’s all I’ve got for updates for now! I wanted to mention that if you’re interested in being an advance reader/reviewer for the upcoming book, make sure to sign up on the ARCs page to get on the list!