Lucee Fearney legitimately inherited the leadership of the Fae faction known as Eleriannan, but what will happen when they find out that she still only has the magical skills of a Mortal?

When unexpected, dangerous visitors show up at the door of Maithe House, they bring word of an enemy that none of the Fae know how to fight. Even if Lucee can learn to trust herself and lean on her friends for help, will it be enough to take down the powerful and mysterious foe  known as the Mealladhan? 

Rejoin Lucee, Cullen, Merrick, Vali, Sousa, and all the other Mortal-born and Fae of Baltimore in another magical, musical adventure! Now with 100% more outdoor summer music festivals, uncanny graffiti, and shadowy forces.

🖤 dancing trees
🖤 toothy maws
🖤 mysterious elementals
🖤 musical magic
🖤 the fungus among us
🖤 faerie food
🖤 summer festivals
🖤 the power of belief
🖤 a soundtrack!

“Cast a Shadow of Doubt brings back all of our favorite fae friends and frenemies as well as some of their actual enemies in a plot that asks the question, “Can individuals actually change and can we forgive them, if they do… or if they don’t?”
…this is a great sequel and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading about the fae, punk rock, indie bands, and/or just likes a little magic and wonder in their literature.”
– Katie G.

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