Stories of the Eleriannan | Book Two

Cast a Shadow of Doubt

Lucee Fearney legitimately inherited the leadership of the Fae faction known as Eleriannan, but what will happen when they find out that she still only has the magical skills of a Mortal?

Rejoin Lucee, Cullen, Merrick, Vali, Sousa, and all the other Mortal-born and Fae of Baltimore in another magical, musical adventure! Now with 100% more outdoor summer music festivals, uncanny graffiti, and shadowy forces.

Stories of the Eleriannan

In Sleep You Know

Escaping the Dreamland

Cast a Shadow of Doubt

Fae magic lives in the City of Baltimore.

Even the grittiest blue collar city has a spark of magic under the surface; but in Baltimore, graffiti holds secret messages and artists are the spellcasters. Abandoned buildings hide ancient beings, and at the local club, you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with menacing and otherworldly creatures.
If you know how to look, of course.

Graffiti photo: Karey Nation. Manipulation: C. Knight.