Recommended Tools

Caveday is my favorite way to get focused and bang out a lot of work in one sitting. It’s like co-working but better, because one hour and three hour sessions are led by a facilitator who takes care of all the little details for you, like time keeping and energizing breaks. I honestly get more done in this setting than I do anywhere else. Want to try it and see for yourself? I’ve got a couple of codes for you! First month for $1 : CODE: “1STMONTHONE”
Free Three Sprint Cave: 

Scrivener is what I use to write my manuscript. From outlining, to note taking, to character sheets, it can do it all. Once you have your book written, you can export it to a variety of formats. You can even set up your own templates, and change the theme of the layout to suit your mood!

Trello is my visual outline in action. It’s drag and drop, easy to organize, and did I mention VISUAL? I throw all my photos of characters, places, and objects in there, as well as things like my running tally of tracks for my novel soundtracks. I also keep things like my important links and my branding info in Trello. It’s even better with Gold!