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    Announcing: Cast A Shadow Of Doubt

    Lucee Fearney legitimately inherited the leadership of the Eleriannan, but what happens when the Fae find out that she still only has the magical skills of a Mortal? 

    When unexpected, dangerous visitors show up at the door of Maithe House, they bring word of an enemy that none of the Fae know how to fight. Even if Lucee can learn to trust herself and lean on her friends for help, will it be enough to take down the powerful and mysterious Mealladhan? 

    Rejoin Lucee, Cullen, Merrick, Vali, Sousa, and all the other Mortal-born and Fae of Baltimore in another magical [and musical] adventure!

    Now with 100% more outdoor summer festivals, uncanny graffiti, and mysterious forces.

    Cast A Shadow Of Doubt will focus on fan-favorite characters Lucee and Vali! Look for a a more detailed synopsis, an official cover image, and more – coming soon! Newsletter subscribers and Ko-fi supporters will be the first to know when pre-orders go live. Book launch date is currently projected for February 1st 2022!