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    Monthly Update: Word Count August 2021

    monthly updates word count

    Hello, dear magic seekers! I’ve started a new feature, the monthly update post. This is where you can read about the progress and word count on my current novel, plus any other interesting updates about my work and life as an author.

    I’ve noticed that people really enjoy seeing my incremental progress with my writing! I post regular word count updates, but if you want to see the current word output, I’ve made it very easy to check in at any time. If you look at the sidebar, you’ll see a widget that shows my last reported word count, including percentage complete. As of this post, I’m almost halfway! [58,230 words!]

    Obviously, this has me extremely excited – especially because I’m exactly where I want to be, in terms of plot lining up with word count and story beats. Outlining is to thank for that, as well as my copious notes and near-obsessive word count tracking.

    What does tracking word count have to do with maintaining proper pace? Basically, it helps me keep track of where I know certain events should be happening as I write. If I hit the midpoint and there isn’t a big event happening, I know that my pacing is off, and people will lose interest in the story, no matter how great I think the characters are. [If you’d like to learn more about the mechanics of plot pacing, I suggest looking up the “three act structure” or wait until later this year, when I’ll be offering deep discussions about the craft of writing on my ko-fi.]

    A few other things to mention: keep your eyes peeled for some new events that will be added in a few days!

    I should have a title to announce SOON.

    Once there’s a title, you’ll get a link to the working SOUNDTRACK! Or…. you can support me on my ko-fi and you’ll get early access to that link!

    Did you catch the last excerpt I included from the manuscript?

    What else are you dying to know? Hit me up in the comments here or on Facebook!