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Christiane Knight is an artist, poet, writer, and author of the novel In Sleep You Know.

A former club and FM radio DJ, Christiane’s love of dark subculture and music infuses her stories and characters. Her latest novel is set in the Fae infused version of her already quirky hometown, Baltimore MD.

She is a lifelong enthusiast of faerie, folktales, forests and fauna, especially combined in copious amounts with all-black clothing and some Joy Division or Bauhaus playing in the headphones.

Note: my characters represent the rich diversity of life. Any character noted as they/them is there purposefully, not as an editing accident.
Long, ridiculous Bio for those who want to know more.

Hi! I’m Christiane, and I am a writer and a fiber artist in Baltimore MD. I am also sometimes a goth/industrial/postpunk DJ, and I used to be a club promoter and FM radio DJ. In fact, my entire resume is filled with improbable career choices, it’s a whole thing.

I’m currently getting ready to publish my first novel, an old-school style Urban Fantasy: In Sleep You Know. Before that, I’ve been published in a stack of ‘zines and small press publications, as well as being the editor and publisher of three of my own: .:boneyard:., Through The Trees, and The House of Three Ravens. Other ‘zines who have published my work include Gibbering Madness, Nyx Obscura, and Ghastly.

I am a voracious reader and I love a wide variety of styles, but most often pick up SFF genre books.

My hair has been almost every color imaginable, so having it be the color that grows naturally out of my head is something new to me. I’m getting used to it. It also drastically changed textures in 2020, so I have gone from spikey colors to silver stranded brown/blonde corkscrews. I’m as perplexed as anyone about this.

I have a chronic autoimmune disease, Crohn’s Disease. That means that I am often at the beck and call of my guts at any given time, usually the worst time possible! I was officially diagnosed in 2020, though I’ve suspected for a while that was my situation. I am very open about my condition, and if you have questions, I’m happy to talk about this in length and with candor that will possibly embarrass many.

I make music, and I’m currently working on a project with a friend that is in the very beginning stages. I write lyrics and do the vocals. I also was in the late 90s – early 00s band The Violet Dawning, where I pioneered what I dubbed “swirlygoth” and then disappeared into obscurity. Well – I never left obscurity, but you know what I mean.