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Come see me at the Virtual Baltimore Faerie Faire

I’m so excited to invite you to the Baltimore Faerie Faire, happening VIRTUALLY this weekend!

It is happening on Gathertown, which is a graphics based, virtual interactive space – it feels a lot like playing an RPG type game! You will be able to make an avatar, then walk around the event virtually to check in on musicians’ performances, do some shopping in the tents of the vendors, and even hang out with some mermaids.

The main faire will be happening between 11am and 5 pm EDT on April 10th, though there are also events happening starting at 7pm on April 9th, including the magickal Faerie Ball – come dressed in your best fae garb!

You can learn more by going to the Facebook event pages:

And the event will be happening at GatherTown:

What it will look like inside the Virtual Baltimore Faerie Faire!

Navigating GatherTown

This is a pretty easy interface to use, but I thought I’d give you a few pointers to help you feel comfortable!

When you click the link, the first thing you’ll do is create an avatar. It takes just a moment, and there are plenty of visual choices for you! Once you enter the Faerie Faire, take a few moments to wander around and get a feel for movement. Use X to enter tents, and G will make you into a “ghost” so that you can move around without accidentally starting conversations with other Fairegoers or bumping into them.

You’ll note that as you get near people, you’ll be able to see them on video if they have their cameras on, or hear their conversations if their mics are on.

To find a specific person, click on their name in the participants tab on the left, then click “follow” to have your avatar automatically run up to them. Once you find them, you can unfollow. It’s a great way to locate friends!

I’m going to recommend that you do that to my avatar to find my tent! Just find Christiane Knight in the participants, and click follow, and you’ll travel right to where I am. Easy-peasy!

To come inside the Three Ravens Press tent, just walk up to the table and press X and you’ll enter right in! There, you’ll find my website, and if I’m there you can talk to me. I should be there all day Saturday except when I am doing live readings. In fact, if you come to my tent, there’s a good chance you might catch me doing random readings there, too! Expect some chapters from In Sleep You Know!

You can see that there’s a spot with the link on the left, so you can invite others, or get help. You can also see my avatar and my tent. I’m in a nice location next to the statue!

To see ALL the vendors, plus info about the event and photos from previous events, go to: https://baltimorefaeriefaire.weebly.com/

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