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graffiti photo by karey nation

You may have wandered here because you know me, or perhaps you’ve come across some of the work I’ve been involved with, and you found me that way – either way, hello!

Over the years, I’ve collected my various words, photos, and music in a variety of places, but I realized that I wanted a Central Headquarters for all my projects; this website is now Xiane Central. Expect a mix of older and new work, plus recommendations for the work of others that I’ve enjoyed. You might get to see behind the curtain a bit, too, because I believe that understanding what makes an artist tick is important insight into their work.

Currently, I have intentions to share:

  • work from .:boneyard:. ‘zine
  • music from The Violet Dawning
  • my previously published and unpublished poetry and short stories
  • my photography
  • outtakes, excerpts, and addendums from my current writing project
  • new music, hopefully soon

So… keep tuned. I look forward to sharing more soon!

Puca takes a forest nap. Photo: C. Knight

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