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Cover Reveal for In Sleep You Know!

The cover features our protagonist, Merrick, aka The Blackbird. He’s just an ordinary guy with hazy, ill-defined dreams of making it big one day with his post-punk influenced band. He’s got a couple of good friends, but no drive, direction, or goals – just a crappy job and good style. [“Style counts for a lot!” says Merrick.]

That is… until he crashes a party hosted by mysterious people who are rumored to be interesting, eccentric recluses that almost never let people into their house. Merrick is about to get a lot more than he bargained for… new powers, a girlfriend who can visit him in his dreams, and a seven year bond with the local Fae court.

Want to know more? You can pre-order the Kindle version of the book NOW! It will be automagically delivered to your Kindle or device on May 1st 2021, which is the official Launch Day.

Want a paperback version instead? [why not both? 😉] You can pick that up on May 1st at the same link. I encourage folks to grab copies right on May 1st if possible, because that helps me get seen – and gets you my undying gratitude!

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