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Ask the Cast: Vali and Sousa

Last time I posted, I mentioned that I would be featuring the characters of In Sleep You Know and Cast a Shadow of Doubt as they answer questions from me and reader-posed questions as well. Today, we have the first segment, featuring an interview by me with Vali and Sousa!

Please read on to hear about what’s been keeping this duo busy, some organizations that they support, and what you can expect to see in the future from them and the Baltimore Fae!

Today I’ve got Sousa and Vali for some questions and answers!

Me: You have both been busy lately! Want to tell the readers about some of your current projects?

Vali: My two pet projects right now are working on organizing garbage pick-up groups around the Jones Falls and doing some volunteering at the community garden and the free farm. Later this year I want to work on making some safer spaces for unhoused folks in Baltimore, especially women, so that they can camp or gather without repercussions.
Oh, and I’ve just about got Souz talked into letting me throw up a BIG piece on the side of The Maithe.

Me: Oh! Mural sized! What’s the art going to be like? Anything you can share?

Vali: Well… that’ll depend on what I can convince Sousa to let me do. Right, Souz?

Sousa: No pressure or anything, damn. [laughs]

Me: What about you, Sousa? What have you been into lately?

Sousa: Besides helping Vali over at the Jones Falls clean-up sites, I’ve been doing a lot of renovation work on the new building in Woodberry. It’s barely inhabitable right now, not that it’s stopping those folks from staying there. At least some Fae aren’t too choosy, unlike some of the people in this house… anyway. So anything I can do to hurry the process, that’s what I do. And somehow I tried Sheridan into teaching me some of his beer-brewing secrets, which means I’ve gotta test the fruits of our labor, you know…

Me: Of course, of course. You can’t share it until you know it’s worthy.
You are going to share, right?
[everyone laughs]
So you’re both doing lots to give back to the local community. For those who would like to contribute but aren’t local or who don’t have the ability to get hands on, what organizations would you recommend supporting?

Vali: What a great question! Here in Baltimore, I can tell you a few places that do great work. If you’re interested in water conservation, there’s the Chesapeake Bay Foundation [https://www.cbf.org/] which works to save the bay through education, advocacy, litigation, and restoration. You could also donate to Mr. Trash Wheel and the Trash Wheel family [https://www.mrtrashwheel.com/] — they are the trash eating heroes of our waterfront! Mr. Trash Wheel lives at the point where the Jones Falls empties into the harbor, and he catches so much trash before it gets into open water.
Sousa: If you want to help people directly, one of my favorite groups is Food Not Bombs, which has operations everywhere and strives to feed people who need it. [https://foodnotbombs.net/new_site/] The local chapter is connected with Baltimore Free Farm [https://www.baltimorefreefarm.org/] which does so much to feed hungry people and build community with their food rescue work! They also have a community garden and an event space.
In your area, I suggest looking up “free farms near me” and see what comes up. If not, food banks always need time, money, and donations and will welcome your help!

Me: Wow, I appreciate these links!
Someone wanted to know what else we can expect from you and the rest of the gang – any big plans for playing more festivals or other adventures?

Sousa: Actually, we do! We’re getting ready to start hosting events–slowly, with restricted guest lists at first–at The Maithe. It’ll mostly be stuff with The Drawback to start, but we hope to book other things in the future, if this works out. I mean, I have all that space, might as well use it, right? And yes, this’ll include both Fae and Mortals on the list!

Vali: I’m even kicking around the idea of having an art space there. First step is throwing up some paint on that wall though…

Sousa: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Vali: You heard him, folks! No take-backsies!

[everyone laughs]

Me: That’s all the questions I’ve got for y’all–anything you want to add?

Vali: Um… don’t litter, be nice to the people doing the jobs you don’t want to do, and remember that everyone’s got a story that you know nothing about, so be kind.

Sousa: Do it yourself doesn’t mean doing it without your community. And, um, buy beers for your local bands so that they know you love them. Yeah.

Wise words! Much appreciation for the time that Vali and Sousa took out of their day to share with us!
If you want to hear more from the cast of In Sleep You Know and Cast a Shadow of Doubt, keep checking back here for more interviews!
And if you’d like to ask your own questions, you can fill this out here: https://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/gnxfwvl

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