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Get ready for a cover reveal!

ISYK cover tease

One of the most exciting parts – next to getting the book in your hands, of course – is revealing the cover of the upcoming book. And that time is ALMOST here! I have been having a good time teasing out little bits of info over social media, getting everyone ready for the big unveiling.

The big day is almost upon us: COVER REVEAL DAY!

Want to see it FIRST? First reveal will be for my supporters on Ko-fi. Because of their help even before my book is here, they’ll get to see it before anyone else. [want to be one of those people? https://ko-fi.com/threeravenspress is where to go!]

The next folks who will see it are those who are signed up for my MAILING LIST. If you sign up there, you’ll get an email on the big day with the image and some exciting news!

Or you can come here to see it on Saturday, April 3rd, anytime after 1pm EDT! As mentioned above, I’ll have some BIG news to go along with the cover reveal, so you won’t want to miss this. [best to sign up for the newsletter, just to be sure…]

I can’t WAIT!


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