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A Valentine’s Day Post!

One of the things that gets mentioned in Cast a Shadow of Doubt is love languages. First, before I go any further: I am NOT referencing the book written by Gary Chapman. He certainly wasn’t the first one to come up with the concept of love languages, and I don’t support the way he frames the idea. [Or any of his other ideas.]

Firstly: people can speak or perform multiple love languages, and need different things at different times. They may even need different languages depending on the relationship to that person. Second: there are MANY more than five love languages. You’ll see that in my characters for sure.

Cullen demonstrates his love languages to Lucee regularly. He does his best to give her a safe place where she can express her thoughts and fears, and his quiet and unwavering belief in her is just what she needs. He also expresses his support through food, which is demonstrated several times in Cast a Shadow of Doubt!

Lucee, on the other hand, is a tireless cheerleader for her friends, and is quick with a compliment or a word of encouragement. She goes out of her way to be there for Merrick, and also her other friends when they need her. Oh, and Lucee’s a big ol’ hugger, so touch is important, too.

One of Sousa’s love languages is thoughtful gifts, given with careful consideration to how he knows the future recipient, and what he thinks will bring them the most happiness. He doesn’t do it often, so his gifts make an impact.

Vali expresses her love through service – to The Maithe, the community around her, and The Lady of the City. She is also quick with a kind and supportive word, and slow to judge, which makes her a nurturing sort of person to be around. Vali spends a lot of time volunteering and when people she loves join her, she feels the most complete.

Merrick is another acts of service person. He finds his true calling through joining something bigger than himself, and he is eager to support his Fae family by taking on his role as the Blackbird, champion of House Mirabilis. He also affirms Aisling’s importance in his world and is ready to defend her whenever she needs it.

Aisling’s is dedication. She is fiercely loyal and supportive of those she loves, and goes out of her way to show it. When Merrick runs away from the Eleriannan, she doggedly tracks him down and won’t leave him to suffer alone until he is able to rejoin the Fae.

Want to hear about some of the other characters? What about you – what are yours? Mine are touch and supportive words with a minor in service. And I love touch and gifts!

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