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AMA: Character Favorite Songs

Cast a Shadow of Doubt is LIVE to order now, and as part of the Launch Day celebrations, I’ve been doing fun meme collections and AMAs about the characters and story! I’ve been having a great time with it so far.

Someone asked me what songs I’d say are the favorites of each of the major characters. Well obviously this is one of the best questions ever! So with no further ado, here are your favorite song choices!

Just like anyone’s favorite tracks, most of these songs will give you real insight into the character it represents.

Lucee Fearney

Curve – Coming Up Roses


Nick Drake – Cello Song

Merrick Moore

Joy Division – The Sound of Music


Mors Syphilitica – A Lullaby of Sorts

Vali Dawe

Skeletal Family – Promised Land


New Model Army – The Hunt

If you find this fun, I’ve got more I can lay on you! Let me know if you listened and if you are enjoying my AMAs!

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