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    Meet The Characters of In Sleep You Know!

    With the release date for In Sleep You Know coming up quick [May 1st 2021, in case you’ve forgotten!] I thought you might want to have some introductions to characters from the book – so I’ll start posting some glimpses of who they are and how they look in my head over the next couple of weeks. When you read the book, come back here and see how your mental images match with mine!

    By the way, there’s no right answer, once you calculate in the descriptions in the story. 😉 You may find that your inner vision is a little different from mine, and that’s okay! You get to see the world through your own eyes.

    There are many characters in the tale, but of course the most important is Merrick Moore [aka The Blackbird], your cover model and aspiring musician. Merrick is in a band called The Drawback with Lucee and Sousa, and other than that, doesn’t seem to have much motivation to do anything else with his life. He’s always just skated by, until the fateful night he decides to crash a party at a mysterious house outside of the city, where secretive, strange people live.

    Despite Merrick’s lack of drive, he’s got some great qualities: manners, cleverness, and loyalty. The question is… are they enough to get him through a war between Fae factions?

    Theydies and Gentlebeings, The Drawback

    “I want to know: why are you chasing me around? What do I have that is so important to you and your people that you will go out of your way to haunt my dreams to get me back?” – Merrick