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    Flights of Foundry 2023 Schedule Announced!

    A bubble with the face of Christiane Knight and the text "I'm a panelist" with more details is superimposed over the graphic of the Flights of Foundry website on a computer screen.

    Earlier this year, I blogged a list of things I’d like to achieve in my writing career [which is a little different than goals as a writer, though there’s some overlap] – from small to outrageous.

    One of those was to start regularly being a panelist at prominent SFF conventions. And here’s the first on the list!

    I’ll be taking part of Flights of Foundry, which is a virtual-only con happening on April 14th – 16th 2023, as both a panelist and reading a selection from Stories of the Eleriannan. *cue biodegradable confetti*

    My schedule

    Saturday the 15th, 4pm EDT: Stories of the Fat Body, with Jennifer Spirko and Jennifer Hudak.

    “Fat acceptance, body positivity, healthy at any size: fatness and awareness of the issues surrounding it is having a cultural moment. Panelists will discuss our stories about fat bodies, from the cultural touchstones that reinforce, or undermine, fatphobia, to ones with good fat representation. What are the tropes around fatness we’ve seen too much, and what do we want to see more of?”

    Sunday the 16th, 6pm EDT: Reading with Christiane Knight

    It’s free to attend and if you’re interested in speculative writing, art, comics, media, etc. then you should definitely check it out! You can register here: