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Interviews, Revisions, and a Street Team

Interviews are a LOT of fun to do, let me tell you! I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Wendi Van Camp of No Wasted Ink. I talk about how I became a writer, my writing style and inspirations, and some of the background behind the world of the Eleriannan and In Sleep You Know.
Please click through to read the interview, then stick around to read the rest of the interviews, plus poetry and more!

As I continue to worn on Cast A Shadow Of Doubt, I have decided that now is the time to open up my street team, the Fae Council! What’s a street team? It’s a group of friends and fans who agree to help spread the word about me and my books, in exchange for special access, ARC opportunities, swag, giveaways, and more.

It’s a pretty casual affair that gives you lots of opportunities to get rewarded for telling other people how much you love my writing… aka a win-win! There’s a Facebook group and a private Discord channel, so sign up now!

Speaking of writing, I’m actually finished the first draft of CASOD and I’m well into the revision/editing stage! Things start to move faster once I’m in this part of the process, so expect to start seeing excerpt shares and teasers soon. Yay!

I can tell you that if you love Lucee and Vali, you will really love this story. There are new characters and creatures and of course lots of music, food… and bad guys. There are always new bad guys, right?
I post mini-updates a lot on Twitter, for those who like chatty platforms.
Link is at the top of the website 🔝

ps – I’m going to start planning my event schedule for 2022! As it stands now, Cast A Shadow Of Doubt is scheduled for launch in early 2022, and I’ll be looking to make appearances after that. Do you have suggestions? Anywhere you’d LOVE to hear me read, or get a chance to talk about my books or writing in general? Drop suggestions in the comments! 💜

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