Street Team

The Fae Council needs YOU!

One of the most important things my stories talk about is the need for a community. As an indie-published writer, community is extremely important to me, and that’s where this street team comes in. The Fae Council is made up of fervent fans and friends who are not only thrilled by my work, but are passionate about helping others to access it by spreading the word.

If that’s you, then you are in the right place! The Fae Council is my street team – a loosely organized group that is ready to take on the task of telling the world about my work and events, in exchange for special perks, gifts, and access to me.

Things you can do as a Fae Councilmember:

  • If nothing else, share/promote my books/posts/events on social media and in person as much as you feel comfortable doing! I will make it easy for you, sharing links and graphics in our secret Council Chambers.
  • support my launches by buying books the week of the book launch. That lifts my visibility!
  • share promo materials in appropriate places – libraries, book stores, coffee shops, and other small businesses, with permission of course.
  • request my books at local libraries and book sellers. Make sure to give all the important info, which will be available to you in the Council Chambers!
  • attend readings and events – and if you tell me that you’re going to be there ahead of time, you’ll get something special from me!
  • leave reviews and ratings on your blog, social media, Goodreads, etc.
  • share photos of the books on your social media – make sure to tag me, too!

Some of the perks you’ll get as a Fae Councilmember:

  • Access to the secret Council Chambers, where you will find promotional material, a community of other fans, and direct contact with ME!
  • special videos, chats, Q&As, one-on-one opportunities
  • exclusive giveaways of books, merch, giftcards, etc
  • early copies of ARCs, unpublished work, and more
  • time with me at events like cons and after readings!
  • special Fae Council swag

The Fae Council has two special hangouts – a private Facebook group, where video chats and the like will happen, and our own Discord channel in the House of Three Ravens server! Once you apply and are selected, you will receive invitations to both of those spaces.

Ready to join? Fill out this Google Form now!