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The Longest Night

Every season is a chance for renewal.
Every day is a gift of redemption.
Every moment is a secret salvation.
I may dance alone, but I am surrounded by stars.

Give me a minute of wild abandon, more precious than gold… I treasure the random moments, the secret glimpses and stolen seconds in that world that hides between the bricks and mortar of what we accept as solid and real.

I reject your morality, your mortality, every minute of mundane and disappointingly binding concepts that you think you cannot live without.

If only you would close your eyes for five minutes, spin around three times – this would melt away and reveal what you knew as a child… it is all a game. It is fake, and we all agreed to make it our lives – instead of what we really want to do – because we secretly think we don’t deserve better. Because we think we don’t have power. Because we have forgotten how to dream bigger.

Your dreams can become reality, but first you must dare to believe in them – and in yourself.
[C. Knight, 2014]

Yule is a time of hope – seeing the light appear after the longest night of the year. Yule is when we begin to plan for rebirth, to take stock of what we accomplished in the year-passing-away and dream of the seeds we will plant in the Spring. Take time to snuggle in and recharge, to go to ground for a while and plan of what is to come.

May the Light touch your life in every way.

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