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    Unexpected Visitors – a Sequel Excerpt

    Just a little sequel-writing update, with word count and little peek behind the curtains for you!

    Still struggling with a title; the right one will reveal itself when the time is right, but the time could be right sooner rather than later, if you want my opinion.
    35,662 words so far, out of a general goal of 120,000. That’s not bad progress! And it doesn’t include my copious notes and my new, updated outline.

    Some details about the plot that I haven’t mentioned anywhere else yet: this takes place a few months after the events of In Sleep You Know, and focuses more on Lucee Fearney and Vali Dawe and their stories. Of course, expect the rest of the Eleriannan, Gwyliannan, and Mortals you’ve come to know and love, because they always have opinions! And of course there will be music, magic, graffiti, and even more glimpses of Baltimore.

    And of course, there will be some unexpected visitors…

    “Will you let me be by her side when we tell our tale?” His tone was stoic, but his eyes were pleading with her to grant his request. “Let me lend her some of my energy, as meager as it is now. I can help her. If you fear my interference – she can ask me if I am dabbling, and I cannot lie to her.”
    He looked ill when he confessed this to Vali, and the thought occurred to her that he meant something much more concrete than a basic declaration of respect.
    “You swore an oath.”
    He looked trapped, but he nodded in the affirmative.
    “You gave her that much power over you.”
    He glanced over at Emmaline, then back to Vali. He straightened up a bit, and looked Vali in the eyes as he explained.
    “She has never, not once, expected me to be anything more or less than what I’ve presented to her. She has never demanded anything of me other than to be myself, and to be utterly and completely honest. This was the way I could assure her that I would deliver on that request. I wanted to level the field between us. I have so much power, and she had very little. At least this way, we could be equals.”

    Like what you’re hearing so far? Excited for the sequel? Let me know! Comment below, or on Facebook or Instagram! Can you guess who is speaking in the excerpt above? I want to know!