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    Traveling Under Cover

    I am traveling tonight under cover of darkness – I know that I am asleep, dreaming, yet I make no effort to wake.

    I clutch a pouch in my hand. It is made out of black leather and it is filled with something heavy.

    I step under a street lamp, and the city glitters around me like rhinestones and tinfoil. I empty the pouch’s contents onto the white marble steps at the last doorway before the street corner. A thousand crystals fall out, in every color imaginable; arcane jewels made tawdry by the artificial gleam of the metropolis.

    I cannot stop myself from reaching down to pluck a clear, green stone from the pile, and I carefully place it in my mouth. Incredibly, I can feel the hard substance turn soft and melt away on my tongue.

    And briefly, I am surrounded by verdant forest, breathing in the smell of damp earth and fresh leaves, before I jolt awake in my bed.

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