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Oneiromancy: divination via dreams

Oneiromancer: someone who reads dreams and divines from them

Oneiromantic: made up of two words – Oneiros, the god of dreams, and Romantic, one who readily demonstrates love, a person with romantic beliefs or attitudes. Romantic can also pertain to having no basis in fact, being imaginary, and that also seems appropriate.

Long ago, I started using Oneiromantic as an umbrella term to describe the short stories and poems that I was writing based on the dreams that I had. I even used my Oneiromantic works to create some of my lyrics in my work with The Violet Dawning. I planned on making a chapbook with all the collected works written under that concept, but it hasn’t come to fruition. So I decided to share some of those works here, over time, a small gift from my sleeping brain to you. Some of these have been posted, performed, or published other places, others have never been seen before now.

Some of these words follow a dream exactly, and you may find that the narrative is as disjointed as one might expect from a dream. Other pieces are more direct, as the subject might have been dream-inspired but the writing explores onward from that launching point.

You can access all writing posted under the “Oneiromantic” tag here: https://www.christianeknight.com/category/oneiromantic/

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