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New: Membership Tiers on Ko-fi

I’m pleased to announce that there are two different ways to support my work – and get lots of extras!

I’ve been using Ko-fi for a while now as a place where readers, fans, and friends can pick up a signed copy of In Sleep You Know & related merch, as well as support me and my writing through donations, AKA “buying me a coffee.” It’s a great platform, where I actually receive all of the funds donated outside of Paypal’s cut. But until recently, I couldn’t differentiate between updates for fans and knowledge that other writers might have an interest in following.

Ko-fi has changed this, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve created membership tiers for my regular supporters, including one for current and/or aspiring writers!

What does this mean? Well, if you are only interested in getting those current work snippets, exclusive poems/short stories/preview pages, and other behind the scenes updates, then the first membership tier – YOU are the Magic – is for you. Basically, if you’re a fan, you’ll get access to all kinds of exclusive content, all for five bucks a month. And if you’d like to contribute more [thank you] then I’ll create tiers for that as well. Just let me know.

If you are a writer or aspiring writer who is looking for tips about writing, as well as backstage access to the process of what the self-publishing process is like and how I manage being a publishing author, A Writer’s Life and Craft is your membership tier! Some of the topics I’ll cover include finding your voice and style, being authentic as a writer, refining your craft… and also things like how I decided to self-publish instead of going the Trad route, what kind of help I’ve enlisted along the way, what tools I recommend, the struggle to get seen, and much more.

Along with access to all the posts in the first tier, you’ll get an extremely honest glimpse into my life and processes as an author. I’ll be open to questions as well, which is pretty great access for only seven bucks a month.

Supporting my work in this way is just one way to ensure that I keep your bookshelf or e-reader filled with stories about the Eleriannan and their friends Merrick and Lucee. It also allows me to plan for future events like book signings and convention appearances.

To learn more and sign up for membership, click the cute button below!

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