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Meet the Characters: Aisling

The first person that Merrick meets at the party is Aisling.

It’s a testament to who Aisling [ASH-lin] is that she sticks by Merrick from the beginning – she’s the first one to see something in him, and she becomes his guide as he gets his bearings in this new, weird world. Sometimes called a “Dreamling” because she was conceived between a mortal and Fae while in the Dreamland, she is disliked and distrusted by some of the Fae. Not because of anything she has done; rather, it’s because she is perceived as unnatural, even by Fae standards.

She can join people in their dreams and move her conscious mind through dreamscapes, a power she uses to help Merrick. She is a friend to Cullen and knows him well, as they journeyed by ship to the New World together, long ago.

She is small, pretty, with dark hair that has hints of lavender all through it, and Merrick is entranced with her from the very beginning. Despite being gentle and caring, she has an inner core that is tougher than most would guess – this lady’s been through some things. If you’d like to learn more about her backstory, there’s a short story about her available when you join my mailing list!

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