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    March 2022 News Wrap-Up

    I realized that I haven’t caught up with y’all lately about some of the things that happened since I released Cast a Shadow of Doubt, so what better time to do that than now? I’ve got a few things that will be coming up in the future as well that I’ll drop here. Make sure to put them on your calendar!

    Subculture Talk Interview with Pat 626

    In case you missed it when it originally happened, I wanted to link this here! I had a really great talk with Pat 626, the host of Subculture Shock and The Afterparty, both streaming shows that I rebroadcast on my streaming own radio station, Radio Xiane. Pat and I have a lot of history – they took over SubShock when I left Charlottesville, and have kept that show alive in various forms, from FM radio to now livestreaming on Twitch. If you love the music in my book soundtracks, you will adore their shows.

    When Pat asked to interview me, I was immensely flattered and immediately agreed. Our chat was everything I expected and then some–we cover topics as diverse as building community, the power of music, and what it means to struggle with impostor syndrome and crushing fear by trying to create works that build hope. There is a TON of emotion in this interview, and we could easily have gone on for hours. Please give it a listen, especially if you are feeling the pressures of everything right now.

    Liminal Fiction

    I recently joined the wonderful folks at Liminal Fiction! They feature an ever-growing library and collection of spec fic [science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror] that is searchable by author, title, genre, and more. If you sign up for the mailing list, you get four free ebooks, plus a really informative newsletter — and the ability to save your Liminal Fiction finds to a TBR list as well as note your favorite authors. I really love the community, and they have a Facebook page as well!

    You can find my author page here:

    Upcoming Events

    I’ll be appearing at the Baltimore Faerie Faire on April 9th! This will be super fun, because last year it was all virtual, and this year attendees will get to see all the lovely outfits and experience musicians, stilt walkers, storytellers, mermaids, the drum circle, and more. There’s a Faeries’ Ball the night before, as well. I’ll have a table with my books, and I’ll be doing some live reading from Cast a Shadow of Doubt as well as teaching branch weaving in the crafting area. It will be a great time and if you’re in the Baltimore MD area I’d love to see you! You can get all the details here:

    I’ll also be kicking around at Balticon 56 this year! It is happening May 27-30 2022. Last year I attended virtually and had a virtual table. This year it will be in person and I won’t be as lucky as to have real estate in the vendor’s room this year, but you’ll still be able to find me around the con. I’ll try to post some updates about where to find me during the event. I may have some opportunities to do live readings, and of course I’ll post about that as soon as anything is conformed. I recommend coming out to the con, it is a lovely event and has been going strong for longer than I have! More info here:

    Other News

    Things that have been pretty laid back since launch day for CASOD, let me tell you! And that’s a relief, because the days around the launch are always really busy and a little anxiety-inducing, if I can be honest. But I do have a few nice things to report, including that Cast a Shadow of Doubt is now available through Indie Bound and — and that means that your local bookstore can order copies to stock, or put in special orders! And for folks who don’t want to spend their cash through A*m*z*n, or buy directly from me, this is a nice workaround. You can find all the links for places to order CASOD on the book’s page: Cast a Shadow of Doubt

    I’ve been working on some cute jewelry with Fae-related motifs, like mushrooms and the like. Very simple, cute, and inexpensive adornment is my jam! I’ll have those up on my Ko-fi page soon, and if you’d like to know when they get listed, you can either subscribe to my newsletter or follow me over on Ko-fi. [or even better, support me there!]

    I’ve got THREE different WIPs going, y’all. Yes, they’re all set in the Stories of the Eleriannan version of Baltimore, and no, they’re not direct sequels. We’ll be meeting some new characters and exploring some different spaces in the city…but expect to see appearances by some familiar faces, as well. At least one has a queer romance too, my friends! I’m really enjoying writing these stories and taking my time because of that.

    I’m sure there’s news that I’m missing, but if you follow me on Ko-fi… ahem. Anyway, where do you want to see me next? Any guesses about new characters? Comment below and throw all your theories out there!