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See me this weekend at [virtual] Balticon!

It’s happening THIS WEEKEND!
Join us online, May 28-31st (Memorial Day weekend), for the 55th Annual BALTICON.
By fans. For fans.
A Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention featuring:
Science & Literary Panels, Music, a Film Festival, Art Show,
Gaming, Anime, Vendors, and MORE!
Admission to Balticon 55 will be free

Balticon is being run on multiple platforms. I will be in the Dealer Room all weekend at Balticon! You can visit me in either the Gather version of the Dealer Room [pass: BookClub], or you can join the BSFS Discord server and chat with me there, or BOTH!
In Discord, you can find me by chatting in my space in the B55 Dealer Room section. [#christiane-knight-three-ravens-press]

Navigating GatherTown

This is a pretty easy interface to use, but I thought I’d give you a few pointers to help you feel comfortable!

When you click the link, the first thing you’ll do is create an avatar. It takes just a moment, and there are plenty of visual choices for you! Once you enter the Con space, take a few moments to wander around and get a feel for movement. Use X to enter spaces, and G will make you into a “ghost” so that you can move around without accidentally starting conversations with other attendees or bumping into them.

You’ll note that as you get near people, you’ll be able to see them on video if they have their cameras on, or hear their conversations if their mics are on.

To find a specific person, click on their name in the participants tab on the left, then click “follow” to have your avatar automatically run up to them. Once you find them, you can unfollow. It’s a great way to locate friends!
I’m going to recommend that you do that to my avatar to find my booth. Just find Christiane Knight in the participants, and click follow, and you’ll travel right to where I am. Easy-peasy!

To come inside the Three Ravens Press booth, just walk up to the table and press X and you’ll enter right in! There, you’ll find my website, and if I’m there you can talk to me. I will be there all weekend except when I am attending panels or doing tech support in a panel.

Any questions, just comment below or shoot me a message via Facebook and I’ll help you out! I hope to see you there.


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