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    ALERT: Black Friday/Faeday!

    Let me get to the important info – the sale!

    Over on my Ko-fi, I’ve got a sale going through November 30th, 2021. Use this link – – to get 20% off everything in my shop, including signed paperbacks! You must use the link or enter BLKFRDY21 to get the discount!

    Also, right now you can pick up the ebook version of In Sleep You Know through Amazon for $2.99 – I have never put this on sale, and I’m not sure how long it will remain discounted, so grab it while you can!

    NOT Fae-related, but a fantastically fun and fast-paced read from one of the members of The Badasses, my writing group, so you know it’s great… Tyler Woodridge has some deals for ALL IN, his exciting heist thriller set in Columbus OH.

    In the near future of year 2022…
    Power vacuum in a broken heartland! Outlaw syndicates jockey for control of an aimless generation’s anxious spend. Moral compasses lose their bearing as wayward souls steer by the stars of sex, drugs, and infamy.
    Oh, and there’s Jimmy Glencroft. The disgraced pro football mascot has one foot in blissful ignorance and another in willing mediocrity. As losses mount in life and love, Jimmy discovers that unexpected new beginnings just might be a gamble away…

    ALL IN, Tyler Woodbridge

    ALL IN
    Comment here to get a signed copy

    Jump on these offers now! I’ll be listing some other books from friends during the Holiday season as well, check back in to see what other recommendations I have for you!