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    In Sleep You Know, Chapter One

    Show Notes:

    We are introduced to Merrick Moore, a well-spoken but aimless musician who stumbles into a party of unusual strangers on Halloween and attempts to navigate power plays that he doesn’t understand. Luckily he’s aided by [and magnetically attracted to] the lovely Aisling, and the dapper Cullen.

    And he brought beer, that counts for something.

    This was a lot of fun to record, though I’m sorry for the occasional stumble or mumble! I used a teleprompter for the first time and I will need a little more practice to find that sweet spot of speed/line breaks before I feel more comfortable. I also find that my voice gets tired faster than it used to, so I start out strong but by the end I’m just pooped. Whoop!

    If there are questions about characters, you can peek at The Fae Directory – you can also reaffirm spelling/pronunciations there.

    The soundtrack is available here:


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