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    Meet the Characters: Lucee

    Merrick’s best friend is Lucee Fearney. She has been his friend since they were young, and they are very close. He looks at her like a little sister, and she is loyal and supportive of him. She can be a little trusting and naïve, and she is irrepressibly upbeat, which sometimes annoys Merrick, though he’d never tell her that.

    Lucee has an undeniably attractive and fun personality, with style to match. She stands out in a crowd with her tattered prom dresses, combat boots, and acid green braids that really glow against her warm brown skin. She’s the guitarist for The Drawback, and a talented one at that, but she’s surprisingly modest about her musical skill. As bold and outgoing as she can be, secretly she often feels inadequate and struggles with feeling like she’s good enough.

    Lucee is the one you count on when the chips are down – she is always there for her friends, even if she’s not sure how to be supportive. Her positive attitude is infectious!

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