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Moodboard Fun for Cast A Shadow Of Doubt

Moodboard for Cast A Shadow Of Doubt, a fantasy novel coming in 2022

What’s a Moodboard, anyway?

A moodboard [or mood board, I’ve seen it used both ways] is a collection of images that are often used in interior and fashion design – and now have spread into many creative endeavors – as a way to build ideas and share concepts on a project. For those of us who like or need visuals to go along with our brainstorming, this is an ideal way to gather them together in a cohesive whole and see how they work together.

When I’m conceptualizing my storylines, I collect as many images as I can to help me clearly see characters, places, and concepts. I have a huge folder full of these images, broken down into subfolders, and it can be a giant pain to navigate them all! Moodboards help collect those visual thoughts into something I can glace over quickly and attain the focus I need in that moment.

They’re also a great way to share glimpses into what’s going to happen in a story, or background details about a character or concept! So I decided to share some of these with you as we get closer to the release of Cast A Shadow Of Doubt, because they might offer some context… and it will definitely be fun!

I love playing with tools like Picrew to make character mockups, like this attempt at showing Lucee ☺️
Do you know how difficult it is to find a set of skins that both offers the option for Black hairstyles AND green hair? Near impossible!

The images in this Moodboard include: an image that made me think of the Ar Donnath, a Summer festival, a concept for a new character [Emmaline], an exciting concert image, some magical yet creepy looking fungi, a community garden, an attempt to visualize one of The Ladies. What does it all mean? You will find out soon!

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