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Nothing Happened, the End.

A pink haired femme-presenting person with glasses has a speech bubble over their head. Inside that bubble is a cute sad drawing of the human GI system.

“I had big plans. I did one of those things on the list. Now I’m paying for it.


– Me, usually

So what happened is this: as previously mentioned, I went to Balticon. There was a live reading! It was great! There were lots of interesting panels! I got fairy hair!

I didn’t even go all four days, y’all. I didn’t stay for any later-night shenanigans. I was at con from about 10:30a – 6p for two days. The con is literally about a 20 minute drive from my house.

But my body? It didn’t like that much, I guess.


I almost thought I escaped unscathed, y’all. I felt great during the con and got to talk to new people and enjoy readings and panels. It’s the first time I’ve been out socially in so long! And even though nothing ever felt taxing and I didn’t even have issues while I was there, my body reacted. Saturday night, I was feeling “tight” in my middle, like my clothes were restricting.

By Sunday, I knew what was up.

The reason I call it a new type of flare is because it was in a new area for me – lucky me! – and was behaving a lot more aggressively than usual. By aggressive, I mean extremely painful and crampy.

And two weeks later, I’m better, but not great.

This is why things don’t get done. Again, oops!

So basically I’ve been in a state where I’ve done a whole lot of nothing, and that’s terribly frustrating and I hate it. I was so excited to finally be healthy enough to do things! With people! And now my health’s regressed because I dared to try to live, which I guess was a stupid thought.

I’m not letting it stop me, though.

I’ve taken a break, but I’m back to working on A Third Kind of Madness. I’m at the end of the book, y’all! The first draft is almost done! Once I get that wrapped, I’ll go back in and start revising, but revising is a lot easier in some ways so it’ll be refreshing work.

And while that’s going on, I’ll be working on cover concepts some more, plus getting together my promotional ideas, which are going to be FUN and you won’t want to miss out on them. I’ll also be showing you some of my personal projects related to the books, which I do to amuse myself when I can’t do anything else. One of the big ones I’ve been working on is an 11 inch fashion doll restyled to be our Lucee Fearney.

She’s so cute. But next time say something before I write a character with a million little green and black braids all over her head, okay? Because trying to make her hair is taking a time, y’all.

Anyway, that’s been about it, but I wanted to update everyone and keep you in the loop with my plans, progress, and all that. Don’t think that this setback will keep me away from getting out more often! I’m very determined to stay social and visible. I just need to maybe do it differently next time – live and learn!

Before I go, I wanted to mention that I’m, as far as I know, still in the running in the SPFBO, and if you’d like to check out some of the other books that are in the competition, you can easily do that here: https://books.bookfunnel.com/spfbo9collectthemall/xzujgxbn9f

The contest is full of SO many different types of fantasy! You will be able to fill your TBR list to overflowing! [Don’t ask about my TBR list, oh jeez] If you’re interested in learning about more fantastic indie authors, this is a great way to do so.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll check back in soon!

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